June 2022: Stadtradeln Aachen

This year, Aachen is once again taking part in the nationwide Stadtradeln competition as part of the “FahrRad in Aachen” campaign. From 1 to 21 June 2022, all citizens in Aachen are once again called upon to pedal hard and enter their professional and private cycling kilometres in the online cycling calendar for Aachen.

DTV-Verkehrsconult GmbH is taking part!

May 2022: Mobility test weeks at DTV-Verkehrsconsult

From 17.05. – 10.06. DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH takes part in the project Aachen clever mobil.

During the test weeks, various e-bikes, s-pedelecs, e-scooters, electric cars and mobility offers will be available to our employees to explore how to strengthen car alternatives, stimulate cycling, make e-mobility sustainable and reduce traffic.

April 2022: Bicycle-Friendly Employer

This year, the City of Aachen in cooperation with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce (IHK) re-launched the competition “The Bicycle-Friendly Employer”, which has existed since 2010.

In April 2022, DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH was awarded the title of Bicycle-Friendly Employer in Gold for its commitment to promoting cycling and advancing the mobility revolution in Aachen!

March 2022: Cycle traffic

Cycling is becoming more and more important in the context of environmentally friendly, city-friendly and climate-friendly transport planning. The demand for cycling is increasing. An efficient and user-oriented design and planning of cycling infrastructure is an important prerequisite in cycling planning as well as integrated transport planning.

We are happy to support you in this. You can find more information on our cycle traffic page.

July 2021: Expansion of the management

DTV-Verkehrsconsult has now been successfully active on the market for 17 years. The constant growth and above all the dynamic development of the last few years make it necessary to strengthen the management. This is also an expression of the company’s esteem and the continuity it strives for.

Therefore, the shareholders’ meeting has also appointed Dr. Kathmann as managing director of DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH with sole power of representation as of 01.07.2021. We are very pleased that Dr. Kathmann is prepared to take on this trusting task and will continue to contribute his innovative ideas in the future.

We look forward to mastering the next few years together and continuing the trusting cooperation, especially with our clients and project partners.

June 2021: Current job vacancies

For permanent reinforcement, we are looking for an engineer preferably from the specialisation “traffic” and an IT developer. We also welcome student assistants from the fields of civil engineering, traffic engineering and industrial engineering.

You can find further information
on our TEAM page.

February 2021: Kappich Systemberatung – Next Generation

For many years, Kappich Systemberatung has been a valued contact for software solutions in the field of transport and especially in the field of NERZ software. This know-how should be secured in the long term.

To this end, Kappich Systemberatung and DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH have decided to go one step further after the spatial merger last year. The employees of Kappich Systemberatung are now formally a permanent part of the team of DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH and Mr Kappich is of course also still available as a contact person and consultant. Thus, all work can now be requested via DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH. We are of the opinion that we have thus made the transition to the “Next Generation”.

There should only be advantages for our customers and project partners:

  • The same contact persons as before,
  • access to the entire knowledge and tools available and
  • high efficiency as well as
  • a long-term perspective through the involvement of the DTV-Verkehrsconsult staff!

September 2020: Kappich Systemberatung moved to Pascalstrasse 53

For several years now, Kappich Systemberatung and DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH have enjoyed a friendly relationship.

Against this background, both company managements have decided to work more closely together, thus combining their existing know-how in the fields of traffic statistics, web-based traffic data management, traffic control and telematics.

In a first step, Kappich Systemberatung has now also moved to Pascalstrasse 53, so that the shortest possible distances facilitate coordination.

Together we offer you all services related to traffic and develop target-oriented and customized solutions with you and for you.

December 2019: Merry Christmasand a prosperous 2019

Thank you very much for the cooperation and for your support!

We wish you a
Merry Christmas
and a prosperous 2019!

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January 2019: Invitation to the MATSE-Messe

On March 8, 2019, the MATSE apprentices present their current projects in the foyer of the new building of the IT Center of the RWTH. DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH will be represented here with the project: “Web-based vehicle classifier for the subsequent correction of vehicle type distributions in the context of traffic counts”.

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June 2018: Introduction of road safety screening – Safety on Baden-Württemberg roads

In the past, there have been numerous improvements in road safety in Baden-Württemberg. Nevertheless, it was decided to continue on this positive road and further increase the road safety by developing a new method to detect accident accumulation lines on an area-wide scale: The Road Safety Screening. …

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The “Road Safety Screening Baden-Württemberg” came first in the category “Best Infrastructure Project” in the 2018 eGovernment competition. Read the Press Release of the Ministry of Transport Baden-Württemberg here.

June 2018: Press release on the research project NETZPLAUSI

After the road traffic count is before the road traffic count: DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH starts research project to improve the plausibility of the coming results

The aim is to significantly improve the network-wide analysis of the data collected as part of the road traffic census (SVZ). …

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The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure (BMVI) as part of the mFUND research initiative.

April 2018: Dr. Hartmut Ziegler at WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land

On 20.04.2018 Dr. Hartmut Ziegler was a guest at WDR Lokalzeit Bergisches Land for DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH. The reason was the explanation of the evaluation of motorcycle noise measurements on behalf of the city of Wermelskirchen. These became necessary in order to investigate complaints from citizens and to be able to derive effective measures against the high noise pollution.

November 2017: Publication

In the November issue of the Zeitschrift für Verkehrssicherheit (Kirschbaum Verlag), Dr. Thorsten Kathmann published a summary of 10 years of recording the rate of drivers using lights during daytime. The basic idea of continuous recording the rate of drivers using lights during daytime is described using the survey methodology applied. The focus is on the new quality assurance measures. Finally, the time series determined so far are analyzed.


In 2017, as in previous years, DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH again applied for the DEKRA AWARD in the category “Safety in traffic”. The aim here is to sensitise people to the danger in road traffic. Unfortunately we missed an award in 2016, but of course we congratulate the winners.

February 2017: Visit of Rudolf Henke, a member of the German Bundestag

As DTV-Verkehrsconsult is getting a grant from the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research, Rudolf Henke (Member of the Bundestag) visited the company office in Aachen. The aim of the publicly funded research project, led by the Polish company Neurosoft Sp.z o.o. in cooperation with the Fraunhofer Institute for Transport and Infrastructure Systems and the Austrian consultancy TB-Traxler GmbH, is to develop a video-based counting system for vehicles. Rudolf Henke was once again able to see how much potential there is in the business world of Aachen. [For the full article please go]

About us

DTV-Verkehrsconsult is an independent, innovative R&D engineering consultancy with the main focus on road traffic. We have our roots in traffic data analysis, which still remains a key aspect today. Expressed in simple words:

 AnführungszeichenInnovation counts


For this we use the most modern automatic counting techniques that we also test and verify in pilot applications on behalf of device manufacturers. Besides traditional induction loops we use the (side) -radar technology, Bluetooth and WiFi as well as video analysis using license plate recognition. And we also conduct surveys and individualized interviews manually.

The analysis of these data in terms of the desired traffic characteristics is our “bread and butter”. Determining the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT, in German; DTV) is THE key value, to which we have dedicated our company name.

Since our founding in 2004, we analyse traffic data. Our specialist knowledge in the interpretation of traffic volumes, traffic composition, lane distributions and speed, daily, weekly and annual fluctuations we put to use in  the design of short and long time counts, as well as in permanent counts. Thus we can ensure the highest quality standards. Our analysis, secures a comprehensive and neutral view of the traffic situation.  This analysis can be used to support planning applications.

We provide our special knowledge particularly to highway authorities, unity authorities, universities and other public authorities.  We also support private organisations at home and abroad. Besides Germany we have so far worked on projects in Austria, Switzerland, Poland and Israel.

Today our company employs 11 permanent employees, with four traffic engineers. In addition we provide an apprenticeship training position for a mathematic-technical-software developer. Research fellows from the RWTH Aachen University as well as from the FH Aachen University of Applied Sciences support our work. Since the automatic data processing got more and more challenging over the last years we are now proud to have an effective IT-team with four dedicated software developers in our company. Our IT-team is also supported by trainees and student assistants.

One of our first projects consisted of the analysis and evaluation of the nationwide German Road Traffic Census 2005. Based on the experience gained during this work we developed the counting technology of the “Traffic Monitoring” in cooperation with the German federal state of Baden-Württemberg. Instead of a manual counts with in traffic monitoring counting devise based on side – radar technology are used which are in place for at least a week and then transferred to the next location.

Initially traffic data is usually collected and analysed for statistical issues. Beyond that it is used as an essential basis for various questions. In short these are the fields of operation and traffic planning, road safety and accident research. The improvement of traffic safety is on the one hand supported by systematic analyses of the accidents which occur. On the other hand methods aiming at accident prevention also play an essential role.

With the innovative data and analyses platform of the “Traffic Safety Screening” in Baden-Württemberg we were nominated for the DEKRA Award 2015 in the traffic category.


Mehr Attraktivität

We love

New key aspects in our work are currently developed in the analyses of long-range traffic streams, for example mileage survey and travel time measurements.
Our business is continuously developing. Our aim is to keep on testing, evaluating and using innovative technologies. In our daily work we aim at getting high quality results for the relevant traffic parameters in the most efficient way.
Our highly motivated and experienced team likes to face new challenges. Do not hesitate to request us!


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Customer satisfaction
is our top priority

In our company the customers have top priority. We act on the maxim to assure you of high-class quality, reasoned concepts and timely delivery of results. We strive to make our work as transparent as possible for you. You should not wait for us!

infastructure + certificates

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Quality arises from
attention to details

The DTV-Verkehrsconsult GmbH holds a modern network with windows-based server. The installed hard drives are continuously backed-up, to prevent the loss of data. All employees have own desktop-computers or laptops of the latest generation at their disposal. Besides a high speed internet connection we also have server resources in a data processing service centre in Germany available, which ensures a quick, secured and failsafe data availability.
Next to the standard software of Microsoft Office the programme package DAUZ and Traffic Count Management (PTV-TCM) is available for processing and evaluation of the data from automatic classifiers. To determine and analyse the results of manual short time counts we use the software HRDTV-Pro.
The generated data (i.e. the AADT) is then suitable as input parameters for other programmes such as Arcady, Picady or Oscady.
Graphics are generated Corel-Draw. For the examination of whole road networks and especially for the illustration of different values (e.g. traffic volumes) the software MapInfo is available.  Furthermore we use free accessible maps like OpenStreetMap, in which we add different traffic information by using self-designed layers. These are provided in a password secured area on a special platform. Currently an independent map server is under construction.
As tools for traffic planning we are using the software PTV-VISUM and VISEM.
Additionally, we developed several calculating and evaluation routines for the analyses of traffic situations, the determination of traffic generation as well as for capacity analyses. The adaption to the latest Highway Capacity Manual, the German technical guideline HBS 2015  (Handbuch für die Bemessung von Straßenverkehrsanlagen) has already been implemented.
As well as software, our company owns side radar systems of the latest generation from the manufacturers Sierzega GmbH and RTB GmbH & CO. KG. In the field of video counting we can provide detection systems from Miovision, were the cameras are mounted on an up to 6 m high columns next to the roadside. The recorded videos can be evaluated automatically after finishing the survey.
For technical maintenance of automatic classifiers, as well as for traffic surveys. We use a specially equipped car, where an illuminated warning sign is installed on top of the roof.  All of our employees are qualified in accordance with MVAS (technical bulletin for the required knowledge for traffic safety during roadworks) to guarantee safety during our work.

cooperation partners

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Partner at
our side

Depending on the definition of the project we work together with institutes of university, other engineering offices and manufacturers of counting devices. In doing so it is important for us to bring in our core competences to the project. With manufacturers we maintain neutrality, but stand behind innovative practice, suitable ideas and products. Besides, it is sometimes possible to realize concepts in cooperation with the industry which offer new opportunities especially in the sector of research.
We are a highly research orientated company, which has successfully finished several major research projects on behalf of the German Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt) as well as for other federal and regional ministries. This was and still is possible due to our investigation approaches, innovative ideas and the courage to consider new ways of thinking and working.

research committees

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We get involved

The company management is involved with a number of committees of the Research Association for Roads and Traffic (FGSV). In addition, we were and still are involved in the development of different guidelines of the FGSV. As examples we like to name the following ones:
Guidelines for passive safety on roads by vehicle restraint systems (RPS 2009), (original: “Richtlinien für passiven Schutz an Straßen durch Fahrzeug-Rückhaltesysteme RPS 2009”)
Recommendations for traffic surveys (EVE 2012) (original: “Empfehlungen für Verkehrserhebungen EVE 2012”)
Technical Delivery and Test Requirements for vehicle restraint systems (TLS FRS) (original: “Technische Liefer-und Prüfbedingungen für Fahrzeug-Rückhaltesysteme TLP FRS”)
Highway Capacity Manual (HBS 2015) (original: “Handbuch für die Bemessung von Straßenverkehrsanlagen (HBS2015))
Guidelines for Cost-/Benefit analysis of Roads (RWS) (original: “Richtlinien für Wirtschaftlichkeitsuntersuchungen an Straßen RWS”) (still in cleartance).