Road restraint systems
concrete protection walls

Road restraint systems
steel crash barriers


Road restraint systems
steel or concrete

Vehicle Restraint systems

Today road safety is provided both by the vehicle and by the road and roadside features. Amongst the roadside features are steel crash barriers and concrete pro-tection walls. These two types of road restraint systems are extremely different in their materials: However, it has been shown in scientific studies (one conducted by DTV-Verkehrsconsult), that both have similar safety effects. Economic efficiency also play an important role: How much are the manufacturing costs and how much are the costs for maintenance?

The use of different system types necessarily leads to system transitions. But which systems can be combined with each other to ensure a consistent safety level? Several transition constructions have been developed, which just as the restrained systems themselves, need an approved initial type test before they are allowed to be used on roads. The necessary permission for German is primarily certified and granted by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).

Lots of complex questions have to be answered during the approval process and for the construction and operation of any restraint system. Research projects concerning the effectiveness or the economic feasibility are the basis for the guidelines and rules that define the use of the different systems throughout the EU.  DTV-Verkehrsconsult is operating in these fields and be-longs to the small body of experts in Germany. The complex guidelines “Guidelines for passive safety on roads by vehicle restraint systems” RPS 2009 were developed in cooperation with our company.

Road restrained systems still are a main research topic in which we support the BASt and together with the industry work on new developments, type approval and design standards.

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