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Flexible parking facilities for bicycles

Cycle traffic

Cycling is hip, cycling is the trend. Sales statistics and traffic counts prove that older forecasts about cycling demand have long since been overtaken by reality. The bicycle is a space-saving, environmentally friendly and flexible means of transport that is increasingly becoming part of everyday traffic.

Commuter traffic in particular has a high potential to be shifted to the bicycle if a user-friendly and safe cycling infrastructure and the right motivation are in place.

We are currently working on two research projects on the infrastructural needs of different types of bicycles and the subjective safety perception of cyclists. In addition, we are analysing the trajectories of cyclists and motor vehicles in order to better assess objective road safety. At the same time, we are supporting the state of North Rhine-Westphalia in the development of a pilot, state-wide survey concept for cycling. In Berlin, we are involved in the evaluation of the permanent counting points for cycling traffic. Soon we will be conducting research in a scientific and practice-oriented project consortium on the differentiation of bicycle types in automatic counts.

To support your local cycling promotion and planning, we offer the following services:

  • Expertise on the selection and tendering of counting technology in cycling,
  • Extrapolation and evaluation of permanent and temporary cycling traffic counts,
  • Studies and evaluations of the route choice behaviour of cyclists,
  • Operational mobility management with a focus on cycling,
  • Integrated transport planning and
  • Potential analyses on cycling with macroscopic traffic modelling.

We professionally represent our study results at public meetings, e.g. council meetings and discussion meetings in the context of plan approval. We have successfully defended traffic studies that are questioned in court all the way to the Federal Administrative Court.

You can rely on our experience!