Training courses and Continuous Professional Development
Training course Traffic Monitoring


Training courses and Continuous Professional Development
Training course roadside post

Training courses

Our aim is to both gain special knowledge and to spread it to our customers. This we have already achieved in different fields of our operations. We provide training courses which are suitable for trainees with varying backgrounds, experiences or qualifications. We can either do this in our offices but we are pleased to conduct them on the customer´s premises.

Small group training courses for experts concerning the handling of our software products have been carried out in Germany and abroad.
Training courses about the handling of the RPS are also addressed to smaller groups of people.

Courses that offer training for skilled workers in the installation of concrete protection walls can also contain an oral and written final examination that we also conduct.
Nationwide trainings were also carried out in the field of the traffic monitoring, where the whole system as well as the single working steps were introduced to the road maintenance staff. These training courses contained theoretical and practical exercises.

Based on this, special software courses for the corresponding data platform within the intranet of Baden-Württemberg were held.

Recent examples for our training activities include courses for practitioners of  “Traffic Safety Screening”, where more than 280 persons were instructed in working and operating with the system by practicing on several examples.