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Since starting our consultancy, we have been able to integrate our special knowledge and implement new approaches in more than 30 research and development projects. In particular, our knowledge in the area of surveys and data analysis is of great importance and make DTV-Verkehrsconsult a welcome partner in many project groups.

Our first project in this area was the processing of the 2005 road traffic census for the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt).

This was followed by various projects for the evaluation of the permanent classifiers on federal roadways, both for statistical purposes or as subcontracting to other subject areas, e.g. for the dimensioning the superstructure.

A further focus is on studies on the collection of certain characteristics of vehicles or traffic participants. In particular, the survey of the use of running lights during day-time, belt-system usage and the survey of mileage-travelled should be mentioned. In the case of the study on using running lights during day-time, an electronic registration procedure was developed and introduced, which allows quality checks during the counting process. The nationwide surveys on the mileage traveled were the first camera-assisted surveys on a large scale.

We are also active in the area of road safety – on the one hand in projects which investigate the suitability of vehicle restraint systems, with new vehicle models (long trucks) or where elements of road design are the main focus.

Basic research projects cover topics that are included in the different regulations and guidelines. Just to name a few guidelines where you can find our input: guideline for cost7benefit-analysis (RWS), guideline for traffic surveys (EVE) and the German Highway Capacity Manual (HBS).

Especially in this business area, we work very closely with university institutes from different faculties and locations as well as with other engineering consultancies.

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